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Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero Raygun - Delta-8 Flower (1/8 oz)

Hometown Hero Raygun - Delta-8 Flower (1/8 oz)

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Each gram of Raygun is loaded with 250MG of Delta 8 THC and every bottle has 3.5 grams of Delta 8 flower (⅛ oz) for a total of 875MG of Delta 8 THC! The Delta 8 THC used for Raygun is naturally derived from the hemp plant and used to enhance the flower. Try Raygun today for a taste of the future of Delta 8 flower!

  • 250MG of Delta 8 THC in each gram (875MG in the 3.5G bottles) for the perfect amount of Delta 8 to have you feeling good!
  • 3.5G containers for enough Delta 8 flower to last you a while!
  • Perfect consistency Delta 8 flower that can be consumed however you prefer!
  • 3rd party lab tested (with QR code link to the COAs on every bottle).
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